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17èmes Trophées CALVADOS Nouvelle Vogue GRATUITO
On Monday, 8th April, the auditorium of the Amirauté Hotel in Touques-Deauville was, for the whole day, transformed into a legendary cruise liner connecting New-York to Normandy, with so many famous personalities on board!
A hundred bartenders, some were students and others professional, coming from 14 countries, to compete with boldness and creativity with one objective : to seduce these celebrities with a signature Calvados cocktail of their creation.
Their goal?
The quest for a title in the 17th Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophies.
This highly esteemed annual competition likes to spice up the challenge by imposing a theme, which is supposed to inspire creativity in the confection of a Calvados cocktail as well as the challenge of orally « selling » the cocktail to the judges.
While the United States (State of New York) were entering the competition… While Deauville was holding an exhibition on the French Line and its prestigious cruise ships, which connected France to the USA… The IDAC invited each candidate to board on one of these floating palaces and to imagine a cocktail that would seduce the travelling star of their choice. Just as Colin Field, head bartender of the prestigious Hemingway Bar at the Ritz in Paris, and Master of Ceremony of the event, likes to tell how he observes the guests who come to his bar… Their outfits, their posture, and the way they move… and his continual challenge to concoct a cocktail portraying their personality and the way they are. Candidates were asked to do the same.
After having imagined… and conviced the expert jury!... Germany and Estonia won!
With “Un doux désir”, Martin Weisert from Hambourg won the International Trophy for the student bartenders. His inspiration source?
Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis, a couple symbolizing the marriage of cultures of these countries linked by the crossing liners...
‘‘A cocktail of temperament, with a fire colour. The apricot liqueur to evoke the sweetness of Vanessa. A purple orchid to emphasize the grace of this couple.’’ In the end, a delicious beverage with a splendid presentation, a flavourful short drink to which the apple aroma brings all its freshness.
Sigrid Sarv – barmaid at the Café Moon in Harku Vald, Estonia – won the International Trophy for professional bartenders with
“Pomme d’Amour’’, a splendid tribute to the French singer Edith Piaf: ‘‘An elegant and gourmet composition which perfectly illustrates the huge generosity of the artist.’’
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