Disaronno Mixing Star: Francesco Cione Francesco Cione, del Carlton Hotel Baglioni di Milano, si aggiudica la Finale Internazionale della Disarono Mixing Star con il Cocktail Disarollywood. Disarollywood: Disaronno Originale 4cl Cardamome Monin 2cl Lime Juice 1,5cl Mango Juice 5cl Carbonated Cranberry Juice 4,5cl PREPARATION : Chill a fancy cocktail glass and a shaker tin filled both with ice. In another shaker tin pour the following ingredients: Disaronno, Cardamome Monin, the fresh lime juice and the mango juice. Mix everything rolling it with the Indian “Chai Tea” technique: pouring the liquid from the shaker tin with ice to the other one for four or five times. Then pour everything in the fancy glass with ice and fill up with the carbonated cranberry juice from a soda syphon. Garnish with lime, dried wild rose and lemongrass and serve the drink on a little tray with a side of “Mixing Stars”. Mixing Stars: infuse kaffir lime leaves, wild roses, lime, grapefruit and oranges with hot water during the cocktail making. Pour the infusion over dry ice, dissolving all the fragrances and scents all around the drink.